Key:Name:Bagged/Boxed:Edition:One of:Date:Signed:Remarks:Sculptor:
Ghost Key, SilverHyper limitedfewer than 202009In a black shadow box with a custom laser engraved nameplateIsrael Skelton
Ghost Key, Comic ConBaggedComic Con Limited5002009Israel Skelton
Head KeyBaggedLimited5002010Israel Skelton
Echo Key, Comic ConBaggedComic Con Limited5002010Israel Skelton
Whispering IronBaggedLimited10002011Israel Skelton
Shadow KeyBaggedLegacyUnlimited2011Israel Skelton
Omega KeyBaggedLegacyUnlimited2011Israel Skelton
IDW KeyBaggedComic Con Limited10002011Israel Skelton
Hercules KeyBaggedLegacyUnlimited2011Israel Skelton
Hercules KeyBaggedLimited10002011Israel Skelton
Head KeyBaggedLegacyUnlimited2011Israel Skelton
Ghost Key, Party promoLimited(?)2011No tag or bagIsrael Skelton
Ghost KeyBaggedLegacyUnlimited2011Israel Skelton
Anywhere KeyBaggedLimited5002011Israel Skelton
Omega Key, Comic ConBaggedComic Con Limited2502012Israel Skelton
Moon KeyBaggedLimited10002012Signed, first #400 by Joe HillIsrael Skelton
Grindhouse KeyBaggedLimited10002012Jamie Macfarlane, Hand painted by Kate Skelly and Kurt Guilbeau
Echo KeyBaggedLegacyUnlimited2012Signed, first #400 by Robbie RobbinsIsrael Skelton
Animal KeyBaggedLimited10002012Jamie MacFarlane
Angel KeyBaggedLimited10002012Signed, first #400 by Gabriel RodriguezIsrael Skelton
Undertree KeyBaggedLimited10002013Jamie Macfarlane and Israel Skelton
Shadow Key, Comic ConBaggedComic Con Limited5002013Israel Skelton
Owl KeyBaggedLimited10002013Jamie Macfarlane en Israel Skelton
Music Box KeyBaggedLegacyUnlimited2013Jamie Macfarlane and Israel Skelton, Handpainted by Kate Skelly, Glenn Gilman and Kurt Guilbeau
Head Key IIBaggedLegacyUnlimited2013Signed, first #400 by Israel SkeltonIsrael Skelton
Ghost Key IIBaggedLegacyUnlimited2013Signed, first #400 by Jay FotosIsrael Skelton
Alpha KeyBagged & BoxedLegacyUnlimited2013Comes in box since 2020Israel Skelton
Splody KeyBaggedLimited5002014Chris Elizardo and Peter Dutkin II.
Hand painted by Kurt Guilbeau
Philosophoscope KeyBaggedLimited10002014Israel Skelton
Mending KeyBaggedLimited10002014Signed by Gabriel Rodriguez first order daysJamie Macfarlane, Hand painted by Kurt Guilbeau, Kate Skelly and Glenn Gilman
Head Key, Red label Limited2502014Came with Red Label edition of Head GamesIsrael Skelton
Echo Key, Black & Blue label Limited50 Black label
50 Blue label
2014Came with Black and Blue Label edition of Head GamesIsrael Skelton
Alpha Key, Comic ConBaggedComic Con Limited5002014Israel Skelton
Music Box Key, Comic ConBaggedComic Con Limited5002015Signed, first #400 by Joe HillJamie Macfarlane and Israel Skelton
Thorn KeyBaggedLimited6752016Paul Harding
Gender KeyBaggedLimited6752016Paul Harding
Enigma KeyBaggedLimited6002016Came with Bode mini bustArlen Pelletier
Anywhere Key IIBaggedLimited5752016Paul Harding
Teddy KeyBaggedLimited5502017Arlen Pelletier
Small World KeyBaggedLimited6002017Tony Cipriano
Reali KeyBaggedLimited6002017Arlen Pelletier
Grindhouse Key, Comic ConBaggedComic Con Limited2502017Jamie Macfarlane
Biblio KeyBaggedLimited6002017Arlen Pelletier
Owl Key, Comic ConBaggedComic Con Limited2502018Jamie Macfarlane en Israel Skelton
Harlequin KeyBaggedLimited10002018Signed by Gabriel Rodriguez first order daysArlen Pelletier
Anywhere KeyBagged & BoxedLegacyUnlimited2018Signed, first #300 by Joe HillPaul Harding
Timeshift KeyBagged & Boxed LegacyUnlimited2019Signed, first #300 by Jay FotosComes in box since 2020Arlen Pelletier
Thorn KeyBaggedLimited10002019New sculptPaul Harding
Thorn KeyBagged & BoxedLegacyUnlimited2019Comes in box since 2020Paul Harding
Omega KeyBagged & BoxedLegacyUnlimited2019New sculpt
Comes in box since 2020
Arlen Pelletier
Head Key, Comic ConBaggedComic Con Limited5002019Israel Skelton
Head KeyBagged & Boxed LegacyUnlimited2019Signed, first #300 by Gabriel RodriguezNew sculpt
Comes in box since 2020
Arlen Pelletier
Harlequin KeyBagged & BoxedLegacyUnlimited2019Comes in box since 2020Arlen Pelletier
Ghost Key IIBagged & Boxed LegacyUnlimited2019New sculpt
Comes in box since 2020
Arlen Pelletier
Echo KeyBagged & Boxed LegacyUnlimited2019New sculpt
Comes in box since 2020
Arlen Pelletier
Animal KeyBaggedLegacyUnlimited2019Jamie MacFarlane
Angel KeyBagged & Boxed LegacyUnlimited2019Signed by Israel Skelton first order daysComes in box since 2020Arlen Pelletier
Undertree KeyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2020Arlen Pelletier
Tempus Fugit KeyBoxed LegacyUnlimited 2020Arlen Pelletier
Teddy KeyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2020Arlen Pelletier
Shadow KeyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2020New sculpt
Arlen Pelletier
Philosophoscope KeyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2020New sculpt
Arlen Pelletier
Matchstick KeyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2020Arlen Pelletier
Jetpack KeyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2020Signed, Bought @JetPack comics #300 by Joe HillArlen Pelletier
Grindhouse KeyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2020Arlen Pelletier
Giant KeyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2020Arlen Pelletier
Gender KeyBaggedLimited10002020Signed, first #300 by Robbie RobbinsPaul Harding
Chain KeyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2020Tony Cipriano
Small World KeyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2021New updated sculpt
Tony Cipriano
Reali KeyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2021Arlen Pelletier
Moon KeyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2021New sculptArlen Pelletier
Mending KeyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2021New sculpt
Tony Cipriano
Key to HellBoxedLegacyUnlimited2021Arlen Pelletier
IDW KeyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2021New sculptTony Cipriano
Biblio KeyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2021New sculpt
Arlen Pelletier
Animal KeyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2021New sculptArlen Pelletier
SplodyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2021New sculptTony Cipriano
Music Box KeyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2021New sculptTony Cipriano
Hercules KeyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2021New sculptTony Cipriano
Stamp KeyBoxedLegacyUnlimited2021Tony Cipriano
Anywhere Key (Rugged)BoxedLegacyUnlimited2021New sculptPaul Harding

To be announced boxed keys:

  • 2″ Key
  • Gender Key
  • Harlequin Key
  • Mirror Key
  • Orchestra Key
  • Owl Key
  • Skin Key
  • Whispering Iron