Killian has a hard time and can’t seem to find his way after losing his best friend and travel companion. As a homeless person, he travels throughout America by train, but the place where this train now takes him is not safe for people like him. His luck eventually turns in the right direction when he meets a widow who cares for the homeless, and she gladly helps Killian on his way to where he should go.

First publication: The Clackamas Literary Review Vol VI, issue I (Spring/Summer)
Date: 2002
Author(s): Joe Hill
Nomination(s): No
Movie: No

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· 20th century Ghosts
· The Clackamas Literary Review 20th Anniversary Issue 

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20th Century Ghosts

Clackamas Community College

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· The 20th anniversary edition was free for subscribers.

The story starts as follows:
Killian left the blanket on Gage – didn’t want it – and left Gage where he lay on a rise above a little creekbed somewhere in eastern Ohio. He didn’ stop moving for the better part of a month after that, spent most of the summer of 1935 riding the freights north and east, as if he was still headed to see Gage’s best cousin in New Hampshire. He wasn’t though. Killian would never meet her now. He didn’t know where he was headed.

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