Sequel to Basketful of Heads
REFRIGERATOR FULL OF HEADS will bring readers back to bloody Brody Island. At the bottom of the bay, the mysterious axe that unleashed violent pandemonium during the hurricane of ’83 has been waiting… but nothing that powerful stays buried.
With a new sheriff, new visitors, and a dangerous Great White Shark spotted off the coast, the pieces are all in place for terror to rise again when vacationing couple Calvin Beringer and Arlene Fields stumble onto the wrong side of Brody’s unsavory elements.

Script: Rio Jouers
Tom Fowler
Covers: Reiko Murakami
Color: Bill Crabtree
Letters: Andworld Design
Publisher: DC
First release: 2021
Nomination(s): No
Movie: No
Other: Basketful of Heads

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