A Little Silver Book of Sharp Shiny Slivers collects some of Joe Hill’s most off-beat writing. Here he reflects on the end of the world, explains why horror fiction matters, and offers up his own rules for writing. The author encounters one of literature’s lesser known talking birds and checks in on the heroes of Heart-Shaped Box. All this and his very first published essay as Joe Hill, only recently rediscovered (it’s good!)

Author(s): Joe Hill
First release: 2017
Publisher: Borderland Press
Collection: Yes
Dedication: No
Nomination(s): No
Movie: No

• Visor Down (New York Times, 2014 | as Peering Into the Darkness)
• Something Rotten (medium.com, 2015 | link)
• Underground Idol (New York Times, 2013)
• Five Times the World ended (And It Was Awesome) (Shortlist, 2016)
• Bring on the Bad Guys (goodreads.com, 2013 |as Good Minds Suggest – JH Favorite Horror Villains | link)
• 10 reasons Elmore Leonard Rules (amazon.com, 2010 | link)
• Rules for Writing Horror: an Anti-list (SFX #275, 2016)
• Real, True Damage: Mr. Majestyk Remembered (Criminal: The Sinner #4, 2009)
• Good help is hard to Find (Start Here, 2013 | Book Riot, Inc)
• Birds of a Feather (Tablet, 2008 | as Of a Feather)
• Weirder than Wonderland (New York Times, 2015)
• The Score (The Readerville Journal, juli/aug 2003)
• Remember, Remember: An Introduction to Voice of the Fire (Voice of the Fire 2015)
• Launching Rockets (Best American Science Fiction & Fantasy 2016)
• Under the Influence (Incognito: Bad Influences 2011)
• Weird worlds! Strange customs! And Tricks to Mystify You Friends! A frankly fetid forward to Chamber of Chills (Harvey Horrors: Collected Works Vol.1, 2011)
• Shock and Blah (Washington Post | as A Short and Unhappy life, 2007)
• Blitzkreig Bop (Spin, vol. 23 #6, 2007)
• Jude Confronts Global Warming (Subterranean Press e-newsletter, 2007)

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Borderland Press

Information about edition(s):
• This book is a part of Borderland Press ‘little press’ publications (17 cm x 12 cm). Without dustjacket and signed by Joe limited to #500

The story starts as follows:
Some words are propably in order to explain what the hell you just bought.
If this were a toy, the contents listed on the back of the box would read something like: assorted daydreams, arguments, opinions, and enthusiasms. But it’s not a toy, it’s a book, and the term for such a volume is: a miscellany.
I am a compulsive reader of such books myself. The good ones are like a platter of those little buttery, flaky, additive pastries they serve at parties; you promise yourself you’ll only have one, and by the time you leave, you’ve got crumbs down the front of your suit jacket and you’ve inhaled about 2,000 calories in the form of tiny nibbles.

Other information:
• In this book are most of Joe’s nonfiction pieces published.
• It sold out extremely fast due to a number of ‘new fans’ thinking it contained a new story.