A very short story that takes us back to the world of NOS4a2 AND a key from Christmasland.

Scrimm, Manx his helper in 1953, develops  qualms, and Charlie handles it in his own way!

First publication: Key to the Graveyard box
Date: 2023
Author(s): Joe Hill
Nomination(s): No
Movie: No
Other: NOS4a2

•Limited Key to the Graveyard:
Design by:
C.P. Wilson III
Sculpted by:
 Tony Cipriano
Edition: Limited to 500
Used material(s): Antique-pewter plated solid metal
Signed: Joe Hill

•Bloody Key to the Graveyard:
Design by:
C.P. Wilson III
Sculpted by: Tony Cipriano
Edition: Unlimited
Used material(s): Black nickel-plated solid metal with a grim skeletal smile and halo

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• Bloody Key edition

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Limited Edition Bloody Edition

Information about edition(s):
• The Bloody edition has $20 from the sale of each Bloody Edition of The Key to The Graveyard of What Might Be goes straight to the Redfearn-Hill Charity Fund.
Who the fund benefits, from Joe:
“Our leading charity has been World Central Kitchen, which provides good, hot, healthy meals to refugees and people rebuilding after natural disasters. Most recently, they’ve been feeding Ukrainian families on the run from war — gutsy and important work.
With the war in the forefront of our minds, we’ve also given to UNICEF and the International Rescue Committee. Both organizations are on the ground in Eastern Europe to look after people who have seen their homes destroyed, their businesses lost, and their lives turned upside down.
Redfearn-Hill has frequently provides grants to Donors Choose — which helps underfunded classrooms buy much needed supplies — and several environmental charities, like Oceana and SELT (SELT is a particular favorite, doing the work of preserving wildlands, wetlands, and organic family farms here in New Hampshire).”

The story starts as follows:
Scrimm was developing qualms, so in the autumn of 1953 Manx drove him to the Graveyard of What Might Be for a heart-to-heart. They left Jacksonville on a mild afternoon, the road strewn with drifts of white blossoms. Five hours later they were on the St. Nick Highway, and it was snow drifting across the road instead. Manx turned in at the wrought-iron gates of the Graveyard and let the Wraith idle.
“Come,” he said.

Other information:
• The Key is available at Skelton Crew Studios