It is the night of the 1960 Presidential election, we are in New Mexico when a woman is in a cab reluctantly headed to an alcohol rehabilitation clinic on the back end of the state. The driver gives her, his last fare, an unexpected sightseeing tour that will be impossible for anyone to forget.

First publication: When A Stranger Comes To Town
Date: 2021
Author(s): Joe Hill
Nomination(s): No
Movie: No

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Hanover Square Press
Hanover Square Press

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He couldn’t look her in the face, not the whole last day she was in the house. When her suitcase was packed Gene stood by the door. A part of her wanted Walter to look at her and a part of her was afraid of what she would see in his eyes if he did.
“I’m going!” she said, in a falsely cheery voice. “I don’t think the train is due into Vilmos until after eleven, but you’ll be awake won’t you? To watch  the returns?”
He nodded. He sat on the ottoman, in the blue shirt he had worn to the party the evening before. It was wrinkled from a night on the couch. He sawed his index finger back and forth over his upper lip, a thing he did when he was struggling to clamp down his anger. She had never once seen this gesture in the first five years they were married. She had seen quite a bit of it in the last five months.

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