Freddy Wertham goes to hell, and there it is not as he expects.
With the censorship movement that overturned the old EC comics in the 1950s, the dragon is put in different ways in the same style as those old EC comics.

First publication: Smoke and Mirrors
Date: 2014
Author(s): Joe Hill
Nomination(s): No
Movie: No
Comic: Freddy Wertham Goes To Hell

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Cemetery Dance

Signed Hardcover
Cemetery Dance

Information about edition(s):
· The limited edition from Cemetery Dance is slipcased and signed by all contributors and the editor and has a run of #400, the lettered leatherbound of #52 is traycased.

The story starts as follows:
In a darkened parking lot, a swinish punk in a HELLBOY T-Shirt drives a sledgehammer into the stomach of a gauntn sable-haired old man in tasteful tweeds. Spit flies. So do the old man’s glasses. A second punk, a spiky-haired feeb with bad complexion and no chin, stands in the background, pumping a fist in excitement. Beside him, a junkyard dog leaps ecstatically.
The old man slumps against the fender of a car, his expression a grimace of strain; it must take a great deal of effort to hold in a scream. We can’t see the punks, but are privy to their hysterical, gibbering conversation.

Other information:
· Smoke and Mirrors is large oversized hardcover from Cemetery Dance and all story are scripts.