Eddie Carroll is sick to death of editing the collection America’s Best New Horror, sick of reading through second-rate stories in order to find the few “best new.” But one afternoon he stumbles across a new story so remarkable that he soon embarks on a quixotic quest to find its author – a quest he may not live to regret.

First publication: Postscripts #3
Date: 2005
Author(s): Joe Hill
Nomination(s): Yes
Movie: No

The books, magazines and/or collections in which these titles are also published:
· 20th Century Ghosts
· The Mammoth Book Of Best New Horror 17

The book/story is published with these cover(s):
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PS Publishing

S/L Hardcover
PS Publishing
All covers
20th Century Ghosts

US Paperback
Running Press
UK Paperback

Information about edition(s):
· The Postscripts signed hardcover had a run of #150

The story starts as follows:
A month before his deadline, Eddie Carroll ripped opan a manila envelope, and a magazine called The True North Literary Review slipped out into his hands. Carroll was used to getting magazines in the mail, although most of them had titles like Cemetery Dance and specialised in horror fiction. People sent him their books, too. Piles of them cluttered his Brookline townhouse, a heap on the couch in his office, a stack by the coffee maker. Books of horror stories, all of them.

Other information:

· British Fantasy Award for Best Short Story for ‘Best New Horror’
· Bram Stoker Award for Best Short Story