TV show based on the comic Locke & Key

After the murder of their father the Locke children return to their ancestral home in New England only to discover they are surrounded by magic only they can see and are left to fight the unnatural horrors that abound in Matheson, Massachusetts.

Released: 2020
Director: Different per episode
length: +-50 mins per episode (episode list)
Released as: TV show, Netflix
Distribution: /
IMDB: Locke & Key
Nomination(s): No
Other movies: No (two unaired pilots)
The Comics: Locke & Key
Cameo: Yes

Other information:
· Locke & Key has had an unusually troubled journey from page to screen. In fact, by the time the Netflix series premieres, there will be three entirely separate pilot episodes for Locke & Key in existence. Dimension Films was the first production company to attempt a Locke & Key movie, acquiring the rights to the original miniseries – Welcome to Lovecraft – after its publication in 2008. The rights then shifted to Dreamworks in 2010, with producers Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Steven Spielberg joining the project and developing it as a TV series. 20th Century Fox greenlit a pilot episode in February 2011, with Josh Friedman serving as writer and showrunner and Mark Romanek directing. Unfortunately, Fox announced in May 2011 it wouldn’t be moving forward with the series. The pilot was later screened at Comic-Con in July 2011.
Kurtzman and Orci then shifted to adapting the series as a movie trilogy, partnering with producers Bobby and Ted Adams at Universal Pictures. But though the trilogy was officially announced at Comic-Con 2014, it was quietly canceled the following year. Co-creator Joe Hill wrote a new pilot script and, alongside IDW Publishing, began seeking a new home for the adaptation.
For a while, it seemed Hulu would become that home. The streaming service greenlit a pilot in April 2017 based on Hill’s script, with Cuse, Scott Derrickson, and Lindsey Springer producing and Muschietti directing. However, in March 2018 it was revealed that Hulu had passed on the series.
Fortunately, word surfaced in May 2018 that Netflix was picking up the series instead. Confirmation arrived in July 2018, with Netflix opting to film a new pilot episode and replace most of the cast from the Hulu project. New casting announcements began trickling down in December 2018, and production commenced in February 2019.
· Production design Locke & Key (Hulu, unaired pilot)

Exclusive 10 minutes clip of ep 1:


Main characters:
Jackson Robert Scot: Bode Locke
Connor Jessup: Tyler Locke
Emilia Jones: Kinsey Locke
Laysla De Oliveira: Bode
Thomas Mitchell Barnet: Sam Lesser





· Torin Borrowdale