Iris has a terrible day when she encounters a Clockwork on a busy street. She activates him in the hope that he can help her with her broken transport, but in the end they have what appears to be a perspective-changing evening, one where you learn what’s important and what it’s like to have a connection with someone… or something

First publication: The Weight of Words
Date: 2018
Author(s): Joe Hill
Nomination(s): No
Movie: No

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· Full Throttle

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Subterranean Press
S/L Hardcover
Subterranean Press

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Full Throttle

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· The limited hardcover has a run of #350 and signed by all contrubitors. The lettered of #26 was traycased en specially bound.

The story starts as follows:
She grabs the brake and power-drifts the Monowheel to a stop for a red light, just before the overpass that spans the distance between bad and worse.
Iris doesn’t want to look up at the Spoke and can’t help herself. The habit of longing is hard to quit and there’s a particularly good view of it from this corner. Sje knows by now certain hings are out of reach, but her blood doesn’t seem to know it. When she allows herself to remember the promises her father made a year ago, her blood seems to throb inside her with excitement. Pitiful.

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