Mona Gallagher is having a very bad day, and it’s only going to get worse when she looks into the mirror and sees the enormous swirling dent in her forehead…

This surreal tale of mystery and horror began as a fragment by Ray Garotn, and it grew into a terrifying story with the help of a few freinds Tom Piccirilli, Brian Keene, Gary A. Braunbeck, Tim Lebbon, Al Sarrantonio, Bev Vincent, Thomas F. Monteleone, Joe Hill, John Skipp, Dominick Cancilla, Kealan Patrick Burke, and Robert Morrish.

Looking Glass was originally written in weekly installments for the free Cemetery Dance Insider newsletter

First publication: Looking Glass
Date: 2006
Author(s): Joe Hill
Nomination(s): No

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Cemetery Dance

Cemetery Dance

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· A signed edition of #550 and #26 lettered.

The story starts as follows:
Chapter Nine – Joe Hill
She was still staring blankly down at it—a rectangle of gold foil, faintly traced with circuitry, sunk beneath a raised lump of waxy flesh—when he stuck the knife in. She drew a thin, harsh breath, while he tugged the edge of a scalpel through the tender skin of her inner forearm. He used the tip of the blade to wiggle losse the chip, which glittered with blood. She opened her mouth to ask him what in God’s name—then didn’t say anything, went briefly mute at the sight of him. Sometime in the last couple minutes, she hadn’t noticed when, he had slipped into a bleu paper mask and a doctor’s gown. Beneath the gown he still wore the tidy pigeon-colored suit.

Other information:
· The Cemetery Dance Signature Series kicked off with a collaborative effort called Looking Glass. This special book featured contributions from nearly a dozen great authors, all of whom signed the signature sheets, too.