A list of introductions by Joe:

Cover: Title & author: Introduction title:
George Orwell, 2021 SUNTUP edition
Thoughtcrime and Punishment: The Horror of 1984
Baltimore – The Plague Ships
Mignola, Golden & Stenbeck
Back from the Dead
Behind You
Brian Coldrick
When You Are Alone
You Are Never Alone
Chamber of Chills volume 1
Harvey Horrors collected works
Al Avison
Weird worlds! Strange customs! and tricks to mystify your friends!
A frankly fetid foreword
The Golden Age (Locke & Key)
Joe Hill
On the Edge of Sleep
The Goon in a Place of Heartache and Grief
Eric Powell
Ain’t Nothing as Complicated as it Seems
Heart-Shaped Box
Joe Hill
The Tell-Tale Heart: An Introduction
Incognito – Bad Influences
Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips
Under the Influence
In League with Sherlock Holmes
Stories Inspired by the Sherlock Holmes Canon
Mr. Homes, I Presume?
A brief introduction to shit-talk Homes
I Am Legend
Richard Matheson
Joe Hill
Taking The Plunge
Raped Diaries
Katherine Glover
Rain (comic)
David M. Booher
Here Comes the Rain Again

Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde: The Complete Annotated Edition
Robert Louis Stevenson & Leslie S. Klinger

Hellbent And Hydebound
The Land at the End of the Working Day
Peter Crowther
Front-Page McGuffin & The Greatest Story Never Told
The Martian Chronicles: The Complete Edition
Ray Bradbury
Undiscovered Mars, Unseen Bradbury
Little Silver Book of Sharp Shiny Slivers
Joe Hill
In the Church of Pop Culture: An Introduction
Nothing O’Clock
 Neil Gaiman
‘Afterword’ by Joe Hill
Raped Diaries
Katherine Glover
Introduction by Joe Hill
Sword of Ages
Gabriel Rodriguez
One for the Ages: The Sorcery of Gabriel Rodriguez
Tales from the Darkside (scriptbook)
Joe Hill, Charles Paul Wilson III
Getting in Touch with my Darkside
Joe Hill, Jason Ciaramella & Vic Malhotra
A Note From Joe
Voice of the Fire
 Alan Moore
Remember, Remember: An Introduction to Voice of the Fire