A very short story about Jude and Georgia from Heart-Shaped Box where Jude gets wind up about all the commotion around global warming…

First publication: Subterranean Press Spring online magazine
Date: 2007
Author(s): Joe Hill
Nomination(s): No
Movie: No

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· A Little Silver Book of Sharp Shiny Slivers
· Revelations : Horror Writers For Climate Action (Seán O’Connor)

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Borderland Press
Stygian Sky Media

Stygian Sky Media

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The story starts as follows:
Georgia was in the music library, knitting little silver skulls on a shawl, and listening to the radio, when Jude wandered into the room.
“…3,000 scientists signed the strongest statement yet on the subject of global warming,” said the newsman. “The letter paints a dark picture of the earth’s future, warning that melting ice caps, super hurricanes, and coastal flooding are inevitable if the global community doesn’t act decisively to address climate change. Concerned consumers are advised to consider lowering their energy consumption, and to look at alternative energy cars…”
Jude flipped the radio over to FUM. They were playing Soundgarden,Black Hole Sun. Jude turned it up.
“What the fuck you do that for?” Georgia said, and chucked a sewing needle at the back of his head. It bounced off his shoulders. Jude ignored it. “I was listening to that, asshole.”
“Now you’re listening to this,” Jude said.
“You’re such a dick.”

Other information:
· Jude doesn’t die really