This is the story of an ordinary fellow who takes a lifter with him during a stormy night, and whose life will never be the same after that. But do not worry because this is not just your typical ‘hitchhiker’ story.

First publication: The Clackamas Literary Review Vol I, issue I (spring/summer)
Date: 2001
Author(s): Joe Hill
Nomination(s): No
Movie: No

The books, magazines and/or collections in which these titles are also published:
· 20th Century Ghosts
· PS Holiday chapbook #3
· The Clackamas Literary Review 20th Anniversary 

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All covers
20th Century Ghosts

PS Publishing
Clackamas Community College

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· The PS Publishing hardcover chapbook was free for subscribers and also had a signed edition of #100

The story starts as follows:
Jubal Scott and Drake Hough were at the side of the road a little before noon, holding their shovels but not putting them to any use, when the foreman Tierney came upon them.
“Scott,” he said to Jubal. “You better get on now.”
“I said I’d wait till three.”
Tuerney pointed a finger straight up, at the low and overcast sky. The bottoms of the heavier looking clouds were streaked with a color like that of fresh turned earth. Here and there a little round fleck of snow dropped spiraling from above.

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