A list of blurbs* written by Joe:

Cover: Title & author: Blurb:
Ack-Ack Macaque (The complete trilogy)
Gareth L. Powell
ISBN: 9781781086056
“Arguably the greatest title of all time.”
Behind Her Eyes
Sarah Pinsborough
ISBN: 9781250111173
“A masterfully engineered thriller that brings to mind Hitchcock at his most uncanny and Rendell at her most relentless. Lean and mean, dark and disturbing, this is the kind of novel that takes over your life. Sarah Pinsborough slays.”
The Collapsing Empire
John Scalzi
ISBN: 9780765388889
“John Scalzi is the most entertaining, accessible writer working in SF today.”
Victor LaValle
ISBN: 9781684150557
“Victor LaValle tells stories that need to be told.”
The Diary Thief (aka Raped Diaries)
Katherine Glover
“As chilling a debut as you are likely to read anywhere.”
Disappearance At Devil’s Rock
Paul Tremblay
ISBN: 9781785653643
“Exquisite, empathic horror of the highest quality.”
The End of all Things
John Scalzi
ISBN: 9781447290506
“The most entertaining, accessible writer working in SF today.”
Forgotten Girl
Rio Youers
ISBN: 9781250072399
“A supernatural thriller that thunders along at Mach 5 from the first page to the last. Written with a brutal lyricism, a savage wit, and a killer instinct for suspence, it’s a work that marks out Rio Youers as a big star.”
Hap and Leonard, Blood and Lemonade
Joe R. Lansdale
ISBN: 9781616962531
“A true American original.”
Head On
John Scalzi
ISBN: 9781509835102
“The most entertaining, accessible writer working in SF today.”
Her Every Fear
Peter Swanson
“Like a stiletto in the ribs.”
The Monster of Elendhaven
Jennifer Giesbrecht
ISBN: 9781250225689
“A black tide of perversity, violence, and lush writing.”
John Scalzi
ISBN: 9780765316998
“Redshirts is (a) ruin-your-underwear funny, (b) a mind-bender sure to Philip K. Dick you over, and (c) absurdly rich in ideas and feeling. John Scalzi sets his imagination to STUN and scores a direct hit. Read on and prosper.”
Sea of Rust
C. Robert Cargill
ISBN: 9780062405838
“A forty-megaton cruise missile of a novel…. Visceral, relentless, breathtaking.”
Survivors Club #1
Lauren Beukes, Dale Halvorsen, Ryan Kelly
Single issue comic
“Brainy, ambitious and delightfully scary, SURVIVORS’ CLUB is a throwback to books like THE SANDMAN and HELLBLAZER that made Vertigo a legend.”
Why Horror Seduces
Mathias Clasen
ISBN: 9780190666514
“Over the course of thirteen brilliantly argued chapters, Mathias Clasen uses the sharp edge of evolutionary psychology to skin the horror genre alive and reveal the wet red tendons twitching under the surface. Why Horror Seduces is sure to provoke admiration, argument, debate, and delight among fans and creators. An essential read for anyone who cares about terrifying fiction.”
The Woman in the Room
A.J. Finn
ISBN: 978-0062678416
“Compelling, wrenching, and gasp-for-breath exciting—I was blown away.”

*Blurb= A brief testimonial or excerpt of a review, as on a book jacket.