Saunders made his fortune as a hatchet man for hire and has come to England to do what he does best: chop down the little guys to clear the way for a global firm. But his train north just made an unexpected stop to let on some passengers straight out of the worst kind of fairy tale. Now he’s up to his ankles in blood and finding out just what it really means to live in a dog-eat-dog world.

First publication: Subterranean: Tales Of Dark Fantasy 2
Date: 2011
Author(s): Joe Hill
Nomination(s): No
Movie: No

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· Full Throttle

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Subterranean Press
Signed limited
Subterranean Press

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Full Throttle

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· The slipcased signed limited from Subterranean Press had a print run of #250.

The story starts as follows:
Saunders saw the first wolf as the train was pulling in to Wolverton Station.
He glanced up from his Financial Times and there it was, out on the platform, a wolf six feet tall with a scally cap tucked between his bristly, graying ears. The wolf stood on his hind legs, wore a trench coat, and held a briefcase in one paw. A bushy tail whipped impatiently back and forth, presumably poking out from a hole in the seat of his pants. The train was still moving, and in a moment the wolf blinked out of sight.

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