Based on characters from the short The Cape

After Eric drops his girlfriend, literary, in the first The Cape series, he goes missing for three days. And for eight years we didn’t know where he went, until now! Eric takes refuge in the woods in Massachusetts, he goes to the cabin were he went with his dad and brother 30 years ago, only to find some LARPers on a LARP weekend. He joins them in their games only to find out that he gets a kick out of getting rid of his problems in a gory and murderous way…

Script: Jason Ciaramella
 Zach Howard
Color: Nelson Daniel
Letters: Shawn Lee
Publisher: IDW
First release: 2008
Nomination(s): No
Movie: No
Other: The Cape (one-shot), The Cape, The Cape 1969

The comic is published with these cover(s):
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#1 A #1 B #1 RI #1 IDW limited sketch
#2 A #2 B #2 RI
#3 A #3 B #3 RI
#4 A #4 B #4 RI

Information about edition(s):
· The #1 IDW limited sketch variant is one of #250

Other information:
· Here is an interview with Zach Howard and the exclusive first 3 page preview/review