Movie based in the short story In The Tall Grass

When siblings Becky and Cal hear the cries of a young boy lost within a field of tall grass, they venture in to rescue him, only to become ensnared themselves by a sinister force that quickly disorients and separates them. Cut off from the world and unable to escape the field’s tightening grip, they soon discover that the only thing worse than getting lost is being found.

Released: 2019
Director: Vincenzo Natali
length: 101 minutes
Released as: Netflix Original
Distribution: /
IMDB: In The Tall Grass
Nomination(s): No
Other movies: No

Other information:
· The short story was co-writen with his father


Main characters:

Laysla De Oliveira
Becky DeMuth
Avery Whitted
Cal DeMuth
Patrick Wilson
Ross Humboldt
Will Buie Jr.
Tobin Humboldt
Harrison Gilbertson
Travis McKean





Mark Korven