What if a tree would live as a ghost after it’s chopped down…

First publication: Subterranean Press February online newsletter
Date: 2005
Author(s): Joe Hill
Nomination(s): No
Movie: No

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· 20th Century Ghosts
· Revelations : Horror Writers For Climate Action (Seán O’Connor)

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20th Century Ghosts
Stygian Sky Media

Stygian Sky Media

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· Published first on Subterranean Press February online newsletter.

The story starts as follows:
It has been argued even trees may appear as ghosts. Reports of such manifestations are common in the literature of parapsychology. There is the famous white pine of West Belfry, Maine. It was chopped down in 1942, a towering fir with a whit smooth bark like none anyone had ever seen, and with pine needles the colour of brushed steel. A tea house and inn was boult on the hill where it had stood. A cold spot existed in a corner of the yellow dining room, a zone of penetrating chill, the exact diameter of the white pine’s trunk.

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