Movie based on the book Horns

After Iggy’s long-time girlfriend is murdered and the whole town agrees he is the killer, he awakens one morning with horns and the townspeople soon confess their sins. Once knowing the sins of the people, he is facing the true killer of his beloved girlfriend

Released: Joe Hill
Director: 2013
length: 120 mins
Released as: Feature film
Distribution: DVD, Blu-ray
IMDB: Horns
Nomination(s): Yes
Other movies: No

Other information:


Main characters:

Daniel Radcliffe
Ig Perrish
Juno Temple
Merrin Williams
Max Minghella
Lee Tourneau
Joe Anderson
Terry Perrish
Kelli Garner
Glenna Shepherd


· Best Actor: Daniel Radcliffe / Chainsaw Award 2015
· Best Make-up – Creature FX: Greg Nicotero – Howard Berger / Chainsaw Award 2015
· Young Actor Age 12 to 16 Feature Film Supporting Role: Mitchell Kummen / Joey Award 2015
· Best Young Ensemble Feature Film / Joey Award 2015
· Nominee Best Horror Poster / Golden Trailer 2015
· Nominee Best Horror Film / Saturn Awards 2015
· Nominee Best Supporting Actor Max Minghella / BloodGuts UK Horror Awards 2015
· Nominee Sound Editing – Feature Film / DGC Craft Award 2015

DVD & Blu-ray:


· The UK DVD (region 2) runtime is 115 mins and has been cut for it’s graphic violence.
· Special features included with UK DVD and Blu-ray are interviews with Daniel Radcliffe and Alexandre Aja and a Behind the Scenes.
· Special feature included with US DVD is The Making of Horns.