Joe did some acting in Creepshow in 1982, a movie based on stories from his father:

His role: A young boy named Billy gets disciplined by his father, Stan, for reading a horror comic titled Creepshow. Stan reminds his wife that he had to be hard on Billy because he does not want their son to be reading such “crap”. As Billy sits upstairs cursing his father with hopes of him rotting in Hell, he hears a sound at the window, which turns out to be a ghostly apparition in the form of The Creep from the comic book, beckoning him to come closer…

Released: 1982
Director: George A. Romero
length: 120 minutes
IMDB: Creepshow

Other information:
· During a break in filming, Stephen King took his son to a McDonald’s, and as a joke, Joe was made-up with bruises, cuts, and scabs. The girl at the drive-thru window called the police when she saw him.

Intro and outro: