A grief-stricken librarian climbs behind the wheel of an antique Bookmobile to deliver fresh reads to the dead.

First publication: Full Throttle
Date: 2019
Author(s): Joe Hill
Nomination(s): No
Movie: No

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Full Throttle

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The story starts as follows:
When my parents went, they went together.
My father wrote a couple letters first. He wrote one for the Kingsward PD. His vision was very poor—he’d been legally blind for three years—and the letter was brief, composed in a hardly legible scrawl. It informed police that they would find two bodies in a blue Cadillac, parked in the garage, at his home on Keane Street. My mother had been able to look after my father until three months before, but she had received diagnosis of progressive dementia, and her condition was worsening fast.

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