The story of a boy with a form of autism that struggles to meet the expectations of adults. While his mother and aunt expects him to behave ‘normal’, his father understands him and then helps him with that, probably because he has behavioral problems himself.

First publication: Better Than Home chapbook
Date: 1999
Author(s): Joe Hill
Nomination(s): Yes
Movie: No

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· 20th Century Ghosts

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White Eagle Coffee Press
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20th Century Ghosts
White Eagle Coffee Press

Information about edition(s):
· The first publication as chapbook in 1999 had #500, the second printing in 2007 (after high demand from collectors) was of #400.

The story starts as follows:
My father is on the television about to be thrown out of a game again. I can tell. Some of the fans watching at Tiger Stadium know too and they’re making rude, happy noises about it. They want him to be thrown out. They’re looking forward to it.

Other information:

· A. E. Coppard Long Fiction Prize Series
· William L. Crawford prijs for Best New Fantasy Writer