Since Israel Skelton started making the official licensed replica keys in 2009, beginning with the SDCC exclusive Ghost Key, there has been 41 keys made till this date. Each of these replica keys is hand polished and then covered with different metals, ranging from nickel to gold, depending on which view the key should have. Every year there are between 2 and 4 new keys on the market and there is plenty of choice when you consider what Gabriel Rodriguez has drawn in the past! Click the link below for all the keys!

Wanna buy some keys? go to the shop and get ‘m all! link here: Skelton Crew Studio Locke & Key

Israel made a prototype Chain Key and Giant Key, not included in the key list, because he made them for Gabe and Joe.
There is a 4th Ghost Key that was made in 2011 only for an IDW after party celebrating the TV pilot for Locke and Key that had just been filmed. They were included in a gift bag and don’t have a bag or tag (Edition size is unknown).

But the collecting fun didn’t stop there! In 2013 the Skelton Crew Studio came with Locke & Key jewelry: Earrings and pendant from the Ghost and Head Key.

And in 2016 the first bust (of hopefully many) from Bode came out! Beautifully sculpted by Troy McDevitt with the Animal key in one and a bird on his other hand.

Was that enough? I think not! In 2017 came the first pin set, exclusive first for San Diego Comic Con!

From Cryptozoic Entertainment came a cardgame in 2012.
Shadow of Doubt, announced by IDW Games in 2020, will not be made since IDW Games has stopped.

There are also stickers and temporary tattoos, a deluxe poster by Skelton crew and an official puzzle, and more to be found under the miscellanious tab!

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