Dr. Allinger runs a ‘Museum of Silence’ which contains the last breaths of various people, some being famous figures such as Edgar Allan Poe

First publication: Subterranean Magazine 2
Date: 2005
Author(s): Joe Hill
Nomination(s): No
Movie: No

The books, magazines and/or collections in which these titles are also published:
· 20th Century Ghosts
· World Horror Convention 2011 Austin, Texas Souvenir Book
· The Best Of Subterranean

The book/story is published with these cover(s):
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Subterranean Press
Subterranean Press
All covers
20th Century Ghosts
Souvenir Book
World Horror Convention
Subterranean Press

Information about edition(s):
· The hardcover from Subterranean Press had a run of #150.
· The souvenir book from the World Horror Convention 2011 had a run of #500.
· Best of Subterranean Press trade hardcover is cloth bound, the signed/limited is slipcased #350 and the lettered #26 traycased and leatherbound.

The story starts as follows:
A family walked in for a look around, a little before noon, a man, a woman, and their son. They were the first visitors of the day – for all Alinger knew they would be the only visitors of the day, the museum was never busy – and he was free to give them the tour.
He met them in the coatroom. the woman still stood with one foot out on the front steps, hesistant to come in any further. She was staring over her son’s head at her husband, giving him a doubting, uneasy look. The husband frowned back at her.

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