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10 Reasons Elmore Leonard Rules (nonfiction)
20th Century Ghost
20th Century Ghosts
3rd Alternative #37 Spring, the
3rd Alternative #39 Autumn, the

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Abraham’s Boys
Abraham’s Boys (movie)
Alpha Key
Alpha Key CC
All I Care About is You
All In The Cult (nonfiction)
Angel Key
Animal Key
Anywhere Key
Anywhere Key II
At Home In The Dark

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Baltimore – The Plague Ships (intro)
Basket Full of Heads
Behind You (intro)
Best American Science Fiction and Fantasy 2015, the
Best New Horror
Better Than Home
Biblio Key
Birds Of A Feather (nonfiction)
Black Phone, the
Blogger, the (poem)
Blurbs (reccommendations)
Blitzkrieg Pop (nonfiction)
Bobby Conroy Comes Back from the Dead
Bring On The Bad Guys (nonfiction)
But Only Darkness Loves Me (unpublished)
By The Silver Water Of Lake Champlain
By The Silver Water Of Lake Champlain (comic)
By The Silver Water Of Lake Champlain (TV episode)

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Calvin Trillin (poem)
Cape, the
Cape, the (comic)
Cape 1969
Cape: The Fallen
Cemetery Dance magazine #74/75: Joe Hill special double issue
Chamber of Chills Vol. 1 (intro)
Chain Key
Christmasland mug
Clackamas Literary Review Vol I, issue I (spring/summer), the
Clackamas Literary Review Vol VI, issue I (Spring/Summer), the
Clockworks (Locke & Key)
Collaborators, the
Costumes And Masks (nonfiction)
Creepshow (actor)
Creepshow (TV series)
Crimewave 8: Cold Harbours
Crown of Shadows (Locke & Key)

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Dark Carousel
Daphne Byrne
Devil on the Staircase, the
Devil on the Staircase, the (audioplay)
Dying is Easy
Double Feature illustration
Dog Days
Dollhouse Family, the

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Echo Key
Echo Key CC
Echo Key (Black label limited ed)
Enigma Key
Escape Hatch (Joe’s newsletter)
Esquire june/juli 2002
Eye Contact – An Appreciation Of Vincent Chong (nonfiction)

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Face the Music
Fade Away (script)
Five Times The World Ended (And It Was Awesome) (nonfiction)
Fireman, the
Flight or Fright
Freddy Wertham Goes to Hell (comic)
Freddy Wertham Goes to Hell
Full Throttle

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Gabriel Rodriguez Portfolio
Gender Key
Ghost Key
Ghost Key II
Ghost Key CC
Ghost Key jewelry
Ghost Key (Party promo)
Giant Key
Good Help Is Hard To Find (nonfiction)
Good Minds Suggest – Joe Hill’s Favorite Horror Villains (nonfiction)
Graham Joyce (nonfiction)
Grindhouse Key
Grindhouse Key CC

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Harlequin Key
He is Legend: An Anthology Celebrating Richard Matheson
Head Games (Locke & Key)
Head Key
Head Key II
Head Key jewelry
Head Key (Red label limited ed)
Heart-shaped Box
Heaven and Earth
Hell & Gone
Hercules Key
Hercules Key Ltd
High Plains Literary Review Volume XVII, issue 1-3, the
Hill House comics
Horns (movie)
Hunter Named Dick, A (poem)

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Implosion 8
In the Rundown
In the Tall Grass
In the Tall Grass (movie)
In Pale Battalions Go
In League With Sherlock Holmes
Incognito – Bad Influences (intro)
It’s Alive (nonfiction)

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Joe Hill Collection, the
Joe Hill’s Blog (nonfiction)
Joe Hill Lives Inside An Impulsive Organism. And It’s Studying Us (nonfiction)
Jude Confronts Global Warming

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Key to the Candy Cane Gates
Keys to the Kingdom (Locke & Key)

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Lady Rests, the
Land at the End of the Working Day, the (intro)
Last Breath
Last Fare
Launching Rockets (nonfiction)
Little Silver Book of Sharp Shiny Slivers, a
Locke & Key
Locke & Key Coloringbook
Locke & Key (TV-series)
Locke & Key keys
Locke & Key pins
Locke & Key cardgame
Locke & Key audiodrama
Locke & Key, The Covers
Looking Glass
Low, Low Woods, the

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Many Faces of Van Helsing, the
Mending Key
Moon Key
Music Box Key
Music Box Key CC
My Father’s Mask

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Nailed It
New Dead , the
Non official shortmovies
NOS4A2 – Christmasland pins
NOS4A2 (TV-series)
NOS4A2 TV-series Recap
Nothing O’Clock (intro)
Not Over the Hill (nonfiction)

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Of A Feather (nonfiction)
Omega & Alpha (Locke & Key)
Omega Key
Omega Key CC
Owl Key
CC Owl Key

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Palace Corbie 7
Peering Into The Darkness (nonfiction)
Philosophoscope Key
Pop Art
Pop Art (movie)
Postscripts #3
Postscripts #5
Postscripts #10
Point of Confession, the (nonfiction)

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Rache is German for Revenge
Raped Diaries (intro) aka The Diary Thief (blurb)
Rapid, the (nonfiction)
Reali Key
Real, True Damage: Mr. Majestyk Remembered (nonfiction)
Road Rage
Rules For Writing Horror: An Anti-List (nonfiction)

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S.T. Holmes, the Insulting Detective, in… Dying Is Easy!
Saved, the
Scheherazade’s Typewriter
Score, the (nonfiction)
Sea Dogs
Shadow Key
Shadow Key CC
Shadow Show: All New Stories In Celebration Of Ray Bradbury
Shock and Blah (nonfiction)
Short and Unhappy Life, a (nonfiction)
Slavegirls of Gunpowder (Gunpowder Book 2)
Small World
Small World Key
Smoke And Mirrors
Something Rotten (nonfiction)
Splodey Key
Stories, all new tales
Storm Systems (nonfiction)
Strange Weather
Subterranean Magazine 2
Subterranean: Tales Of Dark Fantasy 2
Sundail Man, the (poem)
Sword of Ages (intro)

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Tales from the Darkside (comic)
Tales from the Darkside Scriptbook
Teddy Key
The Goon vol 7
Thorn Key
Thumbprint (comic)
Twittering from the Circus of the Dead
Twittering from the circus of the Dead (animated short)

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Underground Idol – Marisha Pessl’s Night Film (nonfiction)
Undertree Key
Unpublished (poem)
Up The Chimney Down

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Visor Down (nonfiction)
Voice of the Fire (intro)
Voluntary Committal

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Weight Of Words, the
Weirder Than Wonderland – Gregory Maguire’s After Alice (nonfiction)
Welcome to Lovecraft (Locke & Key)
Wheels (poem)
Whispering Iron
Widow’s Breakfast
With Signs & Wonders, An International Anthology Of Jewish Fabulist Fiction
Wolverton Station

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You Are Released
You Will Here the Locust Sing

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