Sculpted by: Tony Cipriano
Release: 2021
Edition: Legacy
Used material(s):Cast in bright nickel and copper-plated solid metal
One of: Unlimited

Signed: No

Issued in Ghost Door box
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First appearance: In Pale Battalions Go #1
Allows one to receive mail and parcels from different dimensions, realities, and characters
Door: The Keyhouse Mailbox

More information:
(possible spoilers)


Ian Locke used the Stamp Key to get letters from Sherlock Holmes.
John Locke used it to get a letter from the Norse God, Odin.
Fiona Locke once got a postcard from Peter Pan’s Neverland. In the spring of 1915, she again used the Key to obtain a parcel containing “Huckleberry Finn at War”, a Mark Twain novel that was never written in this reality.
Years after John’s death, Chamberlin Locke used the key to receive letters from the late John, whose soul was now residing in Hell.


When used to open the Keyhouse Mailbox, the key activates an interdimensional two-way mailbox system from Earth and other places simultaneously. This ability allows the inhabitants of Keyhouse Manor to send and receive mail, packages, and parcels from alternate dimensions, realities, and timelines. The key’s power applies to the realm of fiction, allowing the user to receive from fictional worlds and literary characters.


Source: fandom Wiki