Hill has made various connections between his stories:

  • NOS4A2 holds the most connections:
    • Charles Manx, discussing the concept of “inscapes” and secret places, refers to the Treehouse of the Mind from Horns.
    • Manx also refers to Craddock McDermott from Heart-Shaped Box.
    • When later on in the novel the FBI tries to use a cell phone map to track Wayne’s cell phone; the map includes the town of Lovecraft, Massachusetts, from Locke & Key.
    • According to Hill, the novel also includes references to two novels, Orphanhenge and The Crooked Alley, that he may publish in the future.
  • In Dark Carousel one of the Wild Wheel’s seats is a sinister black cat with a limp mouse in it’s mouth, this cat was a present from Manx, owner of Christmasland, for the original carousel of 10.000 lights.
  • The demon that is inside the Polarid camera in Snapshot, collected in Strange Weather, is drawn by Gabriel Rodriguez and looks exactly like a demon that waits behind the Black door in Locke & Key.