But Only The Darkness Loves Me

Two page fragment written with Stephen King.  Stored in box 1012 of the Raymond H. Fogler Library.

Midnight Eats

Unpublished novel written at age 13/14 about a Satanic cult in a high school:

Plucky boys at a private academy discover, during a late-night panty raid, that the dean is a Satanist, and that the Friday goulash served in the cafeteria is, in fact, made out of the ground-up bodies of missing students.

The Greatests Gun

Story written in 1978.

Paper Angels

Unpublished novel based on Nirvana’s Polly written at college. A Cormac McCarthy pastiche that got Joe his agent Mickey Choate.

The Bones

Unpublished novel written at age 16.

Jonah Who Could

Unpublished novel written at age 18:

Plucky barbarians lead a gang of desperate scholars on a late-night book raid into a magical library, where the goblin librarians will eat your soul if you return one of their tomes late.

Action Figure Obituaries

Written in his 20s. This was ‘published’ by Joe on his Tumblr 31 March 2013 (link).

The Fear Tree

Unpublished novel written at age 24 of which parts were used in Horns:

During a pogrom, a plucky young thief abandons his family to save himself and is blinded in his escape; after, he discovers he has acquired a very selective psychic power, a gift for knowing other people’s secret fears.

Indie Film

Short story from 1999.

You Have An Instant Message From Ted Bundy In Hell

Short story ‘published’ on PowellsBooks blog on 6 February 2007 (link).

The Briars

Unpublished novel of which parts were used as basis for Locke & Key.

The Evil Kites Of Dr. Lourdes

Unpublished novel of which parts were used as basis for Locke & Key.

The Bigger Bounce

Joe wrote parts of Elmore Leonard’s The Big Bounce as his own version as a writing exercise for Horns.

Fade Away

Movie script from 2013 written with his brother Owen King.

The Bone Men

Unpublished story written as Joe King. Stored in box 2702 of the Raymond H. Fogler Library.

The Surrealist’s Glass

Unpublished novel of which parts were used in Horns.

Partially released as bonus material in the traycased signed limited edition of Horns.

Dead Man’s Suit

Unpublished short story that eventually turned into Heart-Shaped Box.

Locke & Key Hulu pilot script

Joe wrote the script for the pilot and a couple of episodes for the planned Hulu series of Locke & Key (which unfortunately wasn’t picked up).


Unpublished short story about long-gone trees returning to haunt the places they had once stood which Joe submitted for a McSweeney’s writing contest.

Mr. Rabbit

Unpublished short story.


20 page pitch document describing scripts for 3 Doctor Who episodes.


Source: The JoeHillBibliography.com