Eric is a twenty year old burnout, who has just lost his girlfriend and job. But in the old days he used to be the Red Bolt and with his homemade cape he could fly. Now he has his cape back and Eric finds his way up again…

First publication: 20th century Ghosts
Date: 2005
Author(s): Joe Hill
Nomination(s): No
Movie: No
Comic: The Cape (one-shot), The Cape

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· Horror: The Best Of The Year, 2006 Edition

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20th Century Ghosts

Wildside Press

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The story starts as follows:
We were little.
I was the Red Bolt and I went up the dead elm in the corner of our yard to get away from my brother, who wasn’t anyone, just himself. He had friends coming over and he wanted me not to exist, but I couldn’t help it: I existed.
I had his mask and I said when his friends got there, I was going to reveal his secret identity. He said I was lunchmeat, and stood below, chucking stones at me, but he threw like a girl, and I quickly vlimbed out of range.

Other information:
· In 2010 made into a one-shot comic, followed by a 4 part series 2011.