Sculpted by: Arlen Pelletier
Release: 2022
Edition: Special Edition
Used material(s): Cast in bright gold-plated solid metal
One of: 500

Signed: Chris Ryall

Issued in Ghost Door box
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First appearance: Key to the Moon (one-shot, Guide to the Known Keys)
Allows entry to the afterlife
 The Moon

More information:
(possible spoilers)

This Special Edition: $20 from the sale of each Special Edition Moon Key will go directly to support the Redfearn Hill Charity Fund.

Who the fund benefits, straight from Joe Hill:
“Our leading charity has been World Central Kitchen, which provides good, hot, healthy meals to refugees and people rebuilding after natural disasters. Most recently, they’ve been feeding Ukrainian families on the run from war — gutsy and important work.
With the war in the forefront of our minds, we’ve also given to UNICEF and the International Rescue Committee. Both organizations are on the ground in Eastern Europe to look after people who have seen their homes destroyed, their businesses lost, and their lives turned upside down.
Redfearn-Hill has frequently provided grants to Donors Choose — which helps underfunded classrooms buy much needed supplies — and several environmental charities, like Oceana and SELT (SELT is a particular favorite, doing the work of preserving wildlands, wetlands, and organic family farms here in New Hampshire).”

The Moon Key allows the user to open the moon, as though the moon itself was a door. You can pass into the door taking you to a “backstage” of the world, passing into the afterlife gently.

This key is forged and used in the side story Locke and Key: Guide to the Known Keys. In the story a generation of the Locke family has a sick child, Ian ,who cannot be healed by the mending cabinet. The child is taken to the moon by balloon as though the world is a stage and passes gently to the next world.

Source: Locke & Key Wikia