Sculpted by: Arlen Pelletier
Release: 2021
Edition: Legacy
Used material(s):  Cast in bright yellow gold and silver-plated solid metal
One of: Unlimited

Signed: No

Issued in Ghost Door box
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First appearance: Face the Music (Golden Age hardcover)
Summons a tiny magical human orchestra

More information:
(possible spoilers)

Shortly after Ian Locke’s passing, Chamberlin Locke decides to cheer his family up by taking them out on the lawn and dancing to a foxtrot. However Tiberius paws at the gramophone’s tone arm causing the needle to scratch across the record. This causes the tiny human orchestra to be shredded, traumatizing his kids. Chamberlin then spends the rest of the night removing their memories of the event with the Head Key.

The Orchestra Key activates a special Gramophone. This causes a tiny human orchestra to emerge from the gramophone’s sound horn and play the tune that is on the record. However, if the record is scratched during the song, it causes the orchestra to be shredded in a gory mess.

The Key is used on a special Gramophone created by the Locke Family.

Source: fandom Wiki