Sculpted by: Israel Skelton
Release: 2013
Edition: Legacy
Used material(s): Cast in bright nickel-plated pewter
One of: unlimited

Signed: No

Reissued in Ghost Door box since 2020

First appearance: Alpha #1
Kill demons inside human hosts
Possessed person’s chest

More information:
(possible spoilers)

The Alpha Key is the most recent key made. It was created by Tyler Locke out of the Whispering Iron from the fishing lure given to him by his father, Rendell Locke.

The Whispering Iron that would become the Alpha Key originally came from a demon through the Black Door in 1988 at the same time as Dodge. While Dodge was able to find a host in Lucas Caravaggio, another demon was unable, and turned to Whispering Iron.

After the deaths of Luke, Kim Topher, and Mark Cho, as well as the mental disabilities inflicted on Erin Voss, Rendell Locke went back into the Drowning Cave and found the Whispering Iron. He attempted to melt it away, but was left with a small amount that he couldn’t destroy. Due to the magic of the Riffel Rule, Rendell forgot the origin of the metal, and eventually made it into a fishing lure that he would pass to his son, Tyler Locke

When Tyler learned about the history of his father and his friends by using the Timeshift Key, Tyler requested help from Duncan Locke to teach him how to work metal.

After Tyler was accidentally shot by the partner of Daniel Mutuku, he was brought to the Mending Cabinet, where he spoke with an apparition of his father. Rendell told Tyler that he “can and can’t save someone who has been infected”, and that “keys turn both ways”, giving Tyler the inspiration for the Alpha Key.

While Duncan held back the shadows, Tyler went to the foundry and forged the key. He went down to the Drowning Cave, and used the Key on the possessed Scot Kavanaugh, killing the demon inside him, turning it to Whispering Iron inside Scot’s body. Scot’s life was prolonged as he wore the Hercules Key, and Tyler used the Alpha Key on another possessed student, saving her from the demon but killing her immediately.

Tyler left the Alpha Key in the girl’s chest as he left to pursue Dodge. It was taken by Jamal Saturday, who gave it to Scot after the group returned to the surface. Scot used it to save Jackie Veda, and after removing the Hercules Key, the two died.

Source: Locke & Key Wikia