Sculpted by: Arlen Pelletier
Release: 2020
Edition: Legacy
Used material(s): Cast in antique bronze and gold-plated white metal and intricately detailed
One of: Unlimited

Signed: No

Issued in Ghost Door box

First appearance: Crown of Shadows #3
Increases size
Giant Window

More information:
(possible spoilers)

Benjamin Locke created the Giant Key on July 4th, 1775 and used it to murder a group of Redcoats.
Tyler and Bode discovered the key while Tyler chased Bode through the house, hidden in the floor of a living room and covered by a carpet. Tyler later used the Key to defeat Dodge while he was encased in shadow.
In February, Bode and Jason Bird used the Giant Key to ‘play cars’.

Guide to the Known Keys:
“she is dying & thair is nothing I can do to save her!

The Redcoats return’d to assalle the house & claym her & I admitte I lette my fury & miserie get the better of me. I used the giant’s key to multiplie my syze, so that my body was as vaste as my hayte & I turn’d upon a wholle regiment & ~ O GOD forgive me! ~ did detestably murther them alle!”

Source: Locke & Key Wiki