I am so pleased to confirm the forthcoming publication of the Suntup Edition of HORNS.

I’m in awe of the love, care, and craft that has gone into Paul Suntup’s new vision of the book. Artist Magdalena Kaczan’s artwork just about glows on the page. There’s something about her style — dreamy, vulnerable, rippling with texture — that brings to mind the work of a young Charles Vess.

Magdelena provided a lovely wraparound dust jacket for the Gift Edition. The Numbered Edition has a snakeskin spine (naturally), and comes with a recreation of the Morse Code letter. The Lettered has a (no shit) 14 Karat gold cross punched into the front, and will be delivered in a pine box that reimagines the trapdoor from The Treehouse of the Mind (I’ve held one… it’s out of this world). I was only too delighted to be able to offer a new introduction for the book as well.

I do hope you’ll check it out — the Suntup Editions are, really, uniquely wonderful. At the very least, hop over to the Suntup page to look at the chilling trailer for the limited. It’s as startling and sharp as a poke from a pitchfork.

Where is my movie about Freddie and her Nazi killing girl gang, where, where, WHERE, why can’t I HAVE IT….?
The always astonishing Francois Vaillancourt does it again with a heart-sickening image from “You Are Released,” which was my contribution to Flight or Fright, the just-released, bestselling anthology edited by the infamous Bev Vincent and the notorious Stephen King. All passengers proceed to the boarding gate. Your flight is ready to depart.
For those who missed it, AMC just announced the stars of their forthcoming NOS4A2 adaptation. We had the tremendous good fortune to attract the talents of Ashleigh Cummings and Zachary Quinto… a thought which still blows my mind, even now, weeks after I first heard it was happening. I can’t wait to see them bring Vic and Charlie to life. This whole production has all the elegance and malevolent beauty of a vintage Rolls.

There have been quite a few pieces about the announcement, but here’s a link to the one I stole the above art from.

You all saw this?
In the last newsletter, I mentioned I’d be in New York for NYCC this fall. Here’s my full schedule:

Thursday, October 4th, 5 – 6 PM: Gabriel Rodriguez and I sign together at the IDW booth.
Friday, October 5th, 4 – 5:30 PM: Gabe and I are there to write our names in your books yet again. IDW booth.
Saturday, October 6th, 12 – 1:30 PM: Look for Gabe and I at the IDW booth once more, for a last round of scribbling our names.
Saturday, October 6th, 2:45 – 3:45PM: Gabe and I will be part of the big IDW panel, where I’m sure we’ll be discussing the Hulu production of Locke & Keythat never happened, and the forthcoming Netflix adaptation that most certainly and thrillingly is.

I’m gone on Sunday, but Gabe has a solo Sword of Ages signing at the IDW booth that day from 2 – 3. Have you been reading Sword of Ages? It’s like what Jordowsky wanted to do with Dune: trippy, dizzying, and absolutely dazzling.

I’m excited to see Gabe… and rumor has it that Zach Howard, the visual genius behind The Cape, might turn up as well. Come hang out with us, why don’t’ya?

But wait! There’s more!

I’ll also be in ye olde Londontown, aka the Big Smoke, at the end of the month. Editor Marie O’Regan was kind enough to include “20th Century Ghost” in her anthology Phantoms, out from Titan books in October, and I’ll be part of a group signing at the Forbidden Planet London Megastore on the 27th of October. You can find me there, with some of the other contributors, between 3:00 – 4:00.

Strange Weather is out in Poland, from Albatros! And I have my very own subway billboard. Pretty cool.
And that’s enough (probably more than enough) from me this time. It’s been a rotten week out there for a lot of folks. If you’re feeling heartsick, try and be with the people who love you, and to be doing something that takes you out of your own head. For me, I’m never more grateful for a good book than when I’ve been anxious and stressed… a good book is always the real escape hatch. Hope you’ve got some happy reading to help get you by.

Look after yourselves and look after each other. I’ll be back to clutter your in-box in a week or two.