I’m at the Rockport Public Library in Rockport, Massachussetts on August 4th, for an early 5PM appearance. There’s a form at the link to register.

The Rockport Library is in much better shape than the one featured above, but I wanted to use that picture because it’s maybe my all-time favorite photograph (and I have no idea who took it).

As has become my habit, I’ll probably read a condensed version of “You Are Released,” which is a new short story slated to appear in an anthology titled Fright or Flight. This one has become my go-to for public events. I kind of have an idea it’s one of my better short stories; it certainly plays well in front of an audience.

I will definitely NOT be at Boston’s Fan Expo on August 10th – 12th, at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, and if you see anyone hanging around the margins who you think looks like me, you’re mistaken. Seriously, I’m not there. That’s not me.

Okay, Words with Friends, it’s one thing to deal me shitty letters, and it’s another to gloat about it! Uncool. So uncool.
I see Rio Youers, author of The Forgotten Girl — one of the most entertaining supernatural thrillers of the last few years — has a new one out and it looks like another good ride, full of whackadoodle cults, psychics, and terrorism. If you missed his last one, you can make up for it by picking up Halcyon.
Wow, the neighbors must be pissed. As Bon Scott said, “get your f&#$@n jumbo jet out of my airport.”

Also nothing makes me happier than discovering weird random shit on Google Maps.

And that closes a very abbreviated edition of Escape Hatch. There’s more to say about projects developing on a few different fronts, but best to leave that for the next time out. I hope everyone is well and not spending too much time on the Internet. No kidding… why are you still reading this email on your phone/tablet/computer when you could be reading a book?? Go. Shoo. We’ll catch up again soon. Go on.

I mean it.


Scoot already!

No. Really.

Don’t keep scrolling. There isn’t anymore.

This time I mean it.

You asked for it.

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