It’s out… my first record, and a double album no less!

“Dark Carousel” is a vinyl-first audiobook about four teenagers making their last stand against adulthood in the summer of 1994 — and what happens to them after they perpetrate a drunken crime on an ancient carousel. It was read by the phenomenal Nate Corddry and the record includes a cover of the Rolling Stones classic “Wild Horses” performed by rocknrolla Matthew Ryan (in this rock lovers opinion, Matt has fashioned a small masterpiece and possibly the definitive version of the song).

You can get it at your local record emporium, participating bookstores, and from your favorite online vendors right now. Go on, take “Dark Carousel” for a spin… and maybe it’ll take you for one.

I’ve been struggling to get free of Twitter for a few years now, with very little success. I feel about the Tweets the way smokers feel about their cigarettes and drunks feel about a six-pack. I’m addicted to the way Twitter makes me feel, even if, often enough, the way it makes me feel is bad! Go figure that one out. People are strange. I take a little comfort, though, in knowing I’m not alone. See: “How The Internet Breaks Your Brain” by Luke O’Neil.
Here’s some cheerier reading by the late Hans Rosling: The World Isn’t As Horrific As You Think.
The worst has a megaphone. The best speaks in whispers.
See you there?
Every novel I’ve ever written had within it the seeds of the next two or three books. Weird but true. To me the books are beads on the same necklace, each complimenting the one before and hopefully leading naturally to the one that follows. Or so it seems to me, at this particular moment, about 250 pages into a new book.
Thanks for signing up for “Escape Hatch” and paying attention to my generally quite self-promotional blab. Have a great Record Store day… the next best holiday to Christmas and Halloween as far as I’m concerned. Rock on… you’ll be hearing from me again soon enough.