It’s Out.

Yesterday marked the release of Strange Weather, my 6th book, a collection of four short novels: “Snapshot”, “Loaded”, “Aloft”, and “Rain”. You can find the new one anywhere books are sold here in the U.S.

We celebrated the launch of the book with a very fun event at Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord, New Hampshire. Enormous thanks to them for having me and to everyone who came out to hear me blab.

If I happen to wander close to your stomping grounds on the U.S. tour, I hope you’ll drop in on one of the readings and say hello. I’m in Portland, Maine, at Books-a-Million tonight, and in NYC tomorrow for an event at B&N (Upper West Side) with C. Robert Cargill. Information about all the remaining U.S. appearances is below.

You know what else is on the way? Check out the Gollancz 10th edition of Heart-Shaped Box, featuring a new introduction by yours truly, available in the U.K. right around the same time Strange Weatherdrops over there. Part of their beautiful 10th anniversary series. The class of 2007, it seems, was pretty cool.
Oh, hey, and one more thing. If your travels should take you to a comic store, you’ll want to pick up a copy of Sword of Ages, a new series by my soul brother and Locke & Key collaborator Gabriel Rodriguez. It’s a labor of love that mashes up the Arthur legend with the trippiest of SF… think Excalibur crossed with The Fifth Element. Gabe’s visuals have never been more breath-taking and his story-telling instincts are second to none. Go get it.
That’s it, guys. All I got this time. Catch you on the road, okay?