The Spanish Prisoner

From July 19th to the 23rd, I’ll be in Avilés, Spain, for the acclaimed Celsius 232 festival, where I’ll be talking about The Fireman and Strange Weather, saying hello to some amazing writers like Joe Abercrombie and M.R. Carey, and generally hanging out. The entire half week program can be found here.

My own schedule is as follows.

Tuesday, July 18th

18:30 – Encuentro con Joe Hill,  maestro del terror moderno

[A talk with, um, me, on the subject of scary books. “Maestro del terror moderno” has a nice ring to it.]

Thursday, July 20th
12:40 Presentación del libro “Fuego” de Joe Hill, acompañado por Jorge Iván Argiz (carpa de actividades)

[Reading and discussing The Fireman]

Friday, July 21st
19:15 Encuentro con Joe Hill, acompañado de Laura Fernández y Jorge Iván Argiz (auditorio de la casa de cultura)

[A general talk about the novels]

Saturday, July 22nd
12:40 Charlando de cómic con Joe Hill, acompañado de Jorge Iván Argiz (carpa de actividades)

[Talkin’ comic books]

19:30 Mesa redonda “Esperanzas y decepciones de que tu obra haya sido/vaya a ser adaptada al cine/TV” con Joe Hill, Ian McDonald, Mike Carey, Jasper Fforde y Ann Leckie, acompañados de Jorge Iván Argiz (auditorio de la Casa de Cultura)

[A roundtable about having your work adapted to film, with Ian McDonald, M.R. Carey, Jasper Fforde, and Ann Leckie]

Hope to see you there, friends.

That’s it.

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