From February 7, 2020 we will finally be able to watch Locke & Key, the TV show! It has taken a lot of time, but after 10 years and two “failed” pilot episodes, we can finaly see Locke & Key come to life!

Through the Dutch fan club I have had the opportunity to watch the series, and I have to say that I enjoyed it! The story is followed pretty well, they’ve made a lot out of the first 2 books, Welcome to Lovecraft and Head Games, with some echo’s (pardon the pun) out of Crown of Shadows, and the adjustments made by the showrunners, Carlton Cruse and Meredith Averill, have been chosen excellently . But Joe himself also had adjustments made: The story doesn’t unfold in Lovecraft, Massachusetts, but in Matheson; because he also wanted to honor another great writer and some announcements about the past of H.P. Lovecraft itself. And there are even a few new keys that do not (yet) appear in the comics.

After the murder of their father, the Locke children, Tyler, Kinsey and Bode move with their mother Nina to the old family domain in Matheson, where they move into the Keyhouse. But while they do their best to deal with the death of their father — and husband, they are confronted by a literal echo from the past. Nothing proves what it is when the youngest of the three, Bode, first finds a strange and magical key, certainly not when he is scammed by a strange woman trapped in the Wellhouse; she wants the keys that are in the Keyhouse, especially the Head Key, and she is willing to do anything for that!
While the two eldest, Tyler and Kinsey, do their best to get along socially at their new school, they also have to compete with something they don’t understand, not only the keys and the strange history of Keyhouse keep them constantly on there guard , but also the relationships with each other and their new friends.


If you are willing to immerse yourself in drama and magic horror, then this series is definitely for you. While the comic itself is very graphic with violence, they have tried to take it easy at Netflix and not directly confront the viewer with some of the violent scenes from the comic. But not to worry, the real horror comes from not knowing what is coming, and even if it is a “slow burn” you know that from episode three you will certainly be completely in love with it. The great acting performances and the general flow ensure that you empathize and get sucked into the story. So be ready to binge the entire 10 episode one after the other. I watched the entire season with a friend who didn’t know the comics and he loved it, so even those who don’t know the comics will enjoy it!

Especially for the series, Joe and Gabe came up with some new keys, one of which is the Matchstick Key, this key can set everything it touches on fire! But there are more …

Meanwhile, before the series appears on TV, the writers are already busy with the script for the next season. So they have good hope that the series will catch on!

From februari 7, 2020 to stream on Netflix!

feb 1 2020, Ben