!!Spoiler allert!!

Episode 01: Welcome to Matheson (56 min)

After the Lockes move into Keyhouse, Bode makes a new acquaintance – and a startling discovery. Tyler and Kinsey try to start over at a new high school.

Episode 02: Trapper / Keeper (50 min)

While Nina uncovers details about Rendell’s past, Kinsey helps out the Savini Squad, Tyler falls in with a bad crowd, and Bode finds another key.

Episode 03: Head Games (44 min)

Locating a powerful new key sends Bode’s spirit soaring. Tyler’s simmering rage bolls over. Kinsey realizes just how much her fear is holding her back.


Locat Episode 04: The Keepers of the Keys (43 min)

Sporting a new hairdo and attitude, Kinsey takes a change with Scot by sharing wath’s going on inside her head. Tyler tries to impress his crush.

Episode 05: Family Tree (49 min)

Kinsey uses a key to seek vengeance on a school bully. A troubles Nina finds a sympathetic ear. A long-buried memory casts Rendell in a new light.

Episode 06: The Black Door (47 min)

Kinsey explores the sea cave with the Savini Squad in tow, Nina confronts Ellie over Joe, and Tyler sabotages his relationship with Jackie.

Episode 07: Dissection (43 min)

The Locke family faces their worst nightmare when the person responsible for shattering their lives resurfaces and demands one of the keys.

Episode 08: Ray of F**king Sunshine (48 min)

Tyler and Kinsey feel torn when they figure out why Nina is acting strangerly. Bode meets Rufus and Ellie’s houseguest. Dodge zeroes in on the Omega Key.

Episode 09: Echoes (49 min)

As pieces begin to click into place for the Locke siblings, Ellie opens up about her connection to Dodge, and Kinsey comes clean with her friends.

Episode 10: Crown of Shadows (40 min)

The battle over the Omega Key leads to decisions that can’t be undone – and a dangerous door that promises plenty of trouwle ahead.